About us

Who We Are

Veterans Benefits Evaluations was founded because we saw a tremendous need for Veterans to get affordable access to medical experts who could help provide them the evaluation services and medical evidence needed to support their VA disability claims.

Too many Veterans have struggled to obtain the VA disability rating and care they need for too long. The process of securing benefits and getting disabilities service connected can feel daunting and confusing to say the least. How many times has the Veteran community suffered for too long before they were able to get access to the care they needed? How many Veterans have we lost to suicide or physical disabilities that should have been treated by the VA, but the system failed them?

Veterans Benefits Evaluations seeks to help Veterans secure their benefits through quality evaluations, expert medical opinions and thorough medical evidence so that more Veterans can get the care they earned.

Our Goal

Is to take the pain out of the VA disability claim process and help more Veterans get the benefits they earned in service.

The Facts

Millions of Veterans are missing out on hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars per month. And it’s not just about the money. Getting a disability service connected also gets you access to care. That means more Veterans getting access to mental health and physical health services so they can dramatically improve their quality of life. Getting the benefits you earned should not leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and like you’re just another number.

At Veterans Benefits Evaluations you get affordable access to trained medical experts, virtual face-to-face evaluations, expert medical opinions and the medical evidence you need to support your claim.

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